Attorney Yolanda Ndonga passion for law started in her youngest age when her dad was unjustly prosecuted and accused by a totalitarian regime because of his integrity, honesty while holding a higher position in the government. Consequently, her family has to flee the country and relocate to different countries to escape persecDSC_2362ution. Being a second generation immigrant, she understands the hurdles and difficulties of immigrants to integrate and most of all adjust their status. That is why she chose to practice immigration law to ease the path to citizenship to many and contribute to enhancing comprehensive immigration laws in this country.


We provide legal services for individuals who are not citizens of the U.S, with emphasis on their legal status while they are still immigrants or on the process of becoming immigrants. This includes their legal rights, duties, and obligations when living in and/or visiting the U.S., as well as the federally mandated requirements for entering and/or remaining in the U.S. Moreover, Americans Citizens are also welcome to consult this office for family reunification while their loved ones living overseas, adoption, financial, and marriage when the spouse is a foreigner.

While results may differ, we’ve won 100% of our cases so far!


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