Pan African Think Tank is an international 501(c)(3) non-profit formed by C.Nichole, a businesswoman, author, and singer-songwriter based in the States. Having had the opportunity to study abroad twice, and venture to 79 countries during her sabbaticals, she recalled many conversations she’d had with Pan-Africans from different places and all walks of life. But the word and the principles behind “Pan-African” never crossed her mind until her November 2018 trip to Rocinha, the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She learned not all schools taught History and World Geography. At that moment she thought, “You can’t plan for your future and thoroughly understand your present, without knowing and acknowledging your past.” That event gave birth to Pan African Think Tank; a charitable entity with the purpose to educate, while helping eliminate prejudice throughout Africa and the African Diaspora; coming together as one. C.Nichole’s personal mission is to:

    • Have Africans and North Americans of African descent see themselves as one; no longer allowing the media to portray stereotypes with the intent to widen the division that they instigated.
    • Have more Afro-Latinos connect with the Diaspora and be proud of their African ancestry.
    • Stay connected with the Diaspora that resides in or plans to immigrate to Europe.
    • Raise awareness of the Diaspora within Oceania to build a sense of community.


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