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Are you in search for the best restaurant in Nepean serving authentic, homemade African cuisine? Then come and check out Suya Joint on Clyde Avenue! Our family-friendly restaurant is designed to appeal to our guests searching for a taste of home and a new dine-in experience. We specialize in preparing delicious African delicacies like our barbequed chicken that is seasoned with authentic herbs and spices. We also offer the finest suya available in Nepean, along with a full array of traditional homemade African cuisine.

In order to ensure our guests’ satisfaction, we prepare all our food from scratch using natural ingredients and spiced accordingly to your preference. Pick your taste and explore our menu today! Whether you are joining us for lunch, picking up takeout, or treating the family to dinner, we have something for everyone to enjoy! If you are new to our restaurant, let us recommend our finest dishes! Enjoy customer favourites like the Assorted Suya, Beef Suya, or the Goat Suya. Are you craving barbecued meat? Then you must try our Chicken Leg BBQ. We also offer an outstanding Rice, Plantain, and Salad Combo that will surely fill you up! One order is served with your choice of meat. If that doesn’t entice you, add a few sides to your order like an order of Joloff Rice, Kapana Fries, or Plantains!Are you getting hungry? Explore our menu and start placing your order online for delivery or pick-up! We look forward to serving you the best African food in Nepean

12:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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1:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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